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Coaching Sessions are available nationally and internationally via Skype. In person sessions can be arranged. 

Hi, I'm Denise, a Sex and Intimacy Coach and Certified Sexologist. I've worked with many women, men, couples, parents and kids helping them understand, and be comfortable with what sexuality and intimacy really means and what it can bring to your life.

This isn't just about sex

On the contrary! Through mind, body and soul integration your wellness and life experience can be enhanced. We tend to live in our heads and in our own minds. We may need to do this for work, because it's "safer", or because that's just how we have operated for many years and we've gotten by so far. But this type of existence leaves us yearning for more. It leaves us feeling a deep, and sometimes subtle but lingering, sense of not-quite-right-ness. One way a lot of people attempt to reconnect their overworked minds with their bodies is through sex.

But it is about sex

Sexuality and sexual expression can be fun, pleasurable, and something excitedly anticipated. It can also, at times, be frustrating and confusing or feel stale, uninteresting or contrived. Through understanding the
connection between the body (soma) and the mind (psyche), and even understanding that they are actually not separate at all, you can have a more enriched living experience. We all want that as human beings, don't we?

What about specific issues?

No worries! As a Sexologist, I've had experience working with a diverse and wide range of  people and concerns that span genders, age groups, class, and race. What I don't want is for you to think there's not a bigger connection between sexual pleasure and your overall happiness and satisfaction in life. I am a highly trained expert with a lot of personal life experience. Think of me as a Sexologist with a sprinkle of a life coach!

What's the next step?

There a number of options for you! You can sign up for single coaching session to try it out; sign up for a coaching package for tremendous savings; or look through my library of info products that might be able to help you in specific areas. The choice is yours! 


Our psych soma membership is an online community developed for connection with others, ideas and articles on topics of sexuality and intimacy, and special offers to workshops and other events we offer through Whole Person Sexuality and affiliates. Please email if you are interested in finding out more about membership. More information will be available soon. 



Handcrafted goods will be available in the boutique...coming soon.  

Online dating profile review and editing, sex ed classes and workshops, curriculum and sex ed exercises for teachers to use in the classroom, and personal consultation on your unique intimacy, sexuality or sensuality life situation.   



​​​Coaching is an opportunity to understand what it is that you may be doing currently and provides opportunities to make changes towards living a more integral body-mind-spirit. Coaching provides tools for you to make better sense of your actions and experiences in life around sexuality, intimacy, lifestyle choices, sensuality, wanting to explore something less mainstream, wanting to let go of the past and not worry about the future.  Exploring these ideas in a safe space, with a highly trained, intuitive and sensitive coach can be an important step on your path to living and thriving in all areas.  

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