Whole Person Sexuality Project

Consultant * Educator * Trainer * Researcher * Certified Sexologist 

Engaging in activities that enhance your sense of embodiment may lead to an overall improved sense of self and more pleasure in life. Consultation and coaching around the areas of embodiment, intimacy, sexuality and relationship can lead to a deeper sense of embodiment. We are physical bodies with minds and souls. None of these aspects of the self should be overlooked or compartmentalized. 

Denise has done primary research in the area of embodiment. Specifically, she has researched the effects of having a consistent embodied practice.*

The results of the research showed that participants who regularly raised their awareness of their mind-body-spirit experience through body movement had: 

  • enhanced self esteem
  • more play in life
  • improved relationship with their bodies
  • enhanced joy, freedom, and serenity, and security
  • more trust and faith in the process of life

*Renye, D, (2012). Spontaneous embodied spiritual experience of movement and being moved: A qualitative analysis 

Embodiment: The experience of being present, settled and at                                       home in your physical body.